March 14

Happy Pi Day!


pi dayMath nerds around the globe love March 14, otherwise known as 3.14… Pi Day! Pi is that magical number that befuddles middle school math students and thrills our inner nerds. You can celebrate this important occasion (which is also Albert Einstein’s birthday) with discounts and sales at pie sellers, geek marketplaces and more.

A smattering of Pi Day goodies:

  • pi gift gallery — free shipping on orders $31.41 and over
  • has 100+ geeky toys and gadgets on sale for $3.14, plus other discounts
  • Watch pilots above Austin skywrite pi with five planes
  • Princeton goes Pi Day crazy!
  • The pizza chain Your Pie offers pies starting at $3.14
  • Flying into St. Pete Clearwater Airport in Illinois today? Their airport code is PIE, so they’ll give you a free slice between 1 p.m…. and 3:14.
  • Some Whole Foods Market stores are giving away free pie and coffee at 3:14


just plain fun

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    • Ha! I KNEW that it was Florida, but I was reading something, and they said Illinois, and I didn’t check it. YOU ARE RIGHT! Send your address to me at beth at yournerdybestfriend dot com, and I’ll send you a book. 🙂

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