March 28

New Nerdy Session: So You Think You Can App!

SYTYCAYour Nerdy Best Friend is pleased to announce a new presentation: So You Think You Can App!

This session works in any industry because Beth surveys attendees before the event to get real-life questions from professionals in the trenches. Beth will work with the meeting organizer to invite and prepare the contestants, working to get a mix of personalities and perspectives for this energetic, crowd-pleasing, extra-practical session. This session works as a keynote or a breakout in conjunction with one of Beth’s other programs.

So You Think You Can App!

Session Description:
You’ve seen many app and technology experts over the years, but this session brings them all together for the ultimate App Off! Author Beth Ziesenis will moderate this game-show panel of experts to hear their take on your toughest technology challenges, such as the best cloud file storage solutions for committee work or the best free photo editors for marketing.
Participants in this session will:
  • Learn how your colleagues are using today’s technology
  • Watch tech experts go head-to-head with real-life solutions to tech challenges
  • Discover free and bargain technology that will help you — and your organization — get to the next level



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