April 1

Transcribe: Online transcription and dictation software

Transcribe logoThese days it’s super easy to hit a record button on your mobile device to capture audio of a meeting, lecture or your own notes. Gathering the information is not the problem — turning that info into text is the pain.

The online site Transcribe by Wreally Studios is a handy tool to help you with transcription. Just upload your MP3 and use the little box to type your text. Quick keys help you slow down or speed up so you can transcribe at your own speed. Unfortunately they eliminated the free version in the fall of 2013, but a year’s subscription is just $20 for their basic program. The Pro level starts at $19 a month or $3 for an hour of audio.


A similar tool, otranscribe, is free.

Transcribe – online transcription and dictation software



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