April 10

Hemingway App: Simple writing critiques

People are so clever and helpful, especially when they’re trying to make you more clever and helpful. The online app called Hemingway lets you paste or write text on the page, and with one button click, the system analyzes your words and sentence structure to give you tips for clearer, more concise writing.

The app, which is free, of course, gives you a Readability Grade that corresponds to how educated your audience needs to be to get the point. They recommend you write for Grade 10 — not because your readers might not have graduated from high school — but because your message may come out more clearly when you cut down on the verbiage and get to the point.

Hemingway pushes you to eliminate adverbs and passive voice, as well as shrink your sentences and avoid run-on messes. The system color codes your text to show you the problems.

This picture shows what Hemingway did with this blog post. Guess I’m a little verbose. My husband would agree.





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