April 17

New Book Alert: Nerd Dive on Top Tools

I’ve been pondering my next book, and I think I have it! Instead of another book with a billion tools, I’m going to pick 25+ of my favorites and give you how-tos, tips and tricks to make those tools your own.

Here’s my shortlist of favorite tools that I want to write about. What’s missing???? I’d love to hear which tools you’d like to know more about in my next book.

  1. Tagxedo
  2. Animoto
  3. Jing
  4. Poll Everywhere
  5. Dropbox
  6. Fiverr
  7. PowToon
  8. LastPass
  9. Generators
  10. Google Docs
  11. Evernote
  12. Flipboard
  13. GraphicRiver
  14. Pixlr
  15. AnyMeeting
  16. Google+ Hangouts
  17. ScheduleOnce
  18. TripIt
  19. Waze
  20. LogoMyWay
  21. Adobe Reader
  22. Notability
  23. Gmail


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  • The life-saver tools (and my faves) I learned about from Beth Z: EverContact, Wunderlist and LastPass! Still loving the updates and almost feeling nerdy!

  • Your list already includes my favorite two, which are Dropbox and Tagxedo. Good luck with your writing retreat… I hope you get as much done as you are hoping!

  • Beth – one of the best conferencing tools I have used recently is UberConference. The free version allows you to do almost anything that the low-end (paid) go-to-meeting does: screen sharing; remote muting/text chat with invitees; call recording and mobile apps. But if you are willing to pop for $10 per month, UberConference will call each of your invitees and join them to your conference. Plus the hold music is rather unique! used by evernote, box, dropbox, opentable, Chick-fil-A, Marriott, just to name a few companies.

    Best of luck on the new book!

    Craig in OKC

  • I would love to know some tips and tricks on the best ways to use Gmail. It has so many quirks and things that anything I could really benefit from learning the best way to use it. It would also be great to learn more about the best ways to use all the google stuff together (+, drive, etc) as they all seem to be connected now.


  • Beth, you should use AllOurIdeas.org for this project! I’d like to know more about any photo or graphic tools. Right now I need something that will make JPEGs transparent for use on colored backgrounds in e-newsletters. We have sponsor logos that just don’t look good unless you put them on a white background. Sometimes that’s just dull. Thanks for all you do for us, Beth!

    • Joe,

      I have to concur with you Unroll.me ROCKS! It has helped me take control of my Google InBox.

      I also love Google Alerts for content creation.


  • Hello Beth! I am so happy that I was able to attend your class in San Antonio a few weeks ago. I bought the book and have been keeping up with your email updates and FB posts. I can’t wait for another book to come out! That’s fantastic for you (and me too)! Can you suggest an app that records and then transcribes notes into a text/Word doc? I just downloaded Evernote, but haven’t had the chance to fully explore its capabilities. Thanks for all you do!

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