May 30

Eyejot: Video email in a flash


With thousands of emails drowning our inboxes every week, we need to do what we can to get people to notice our notes and get our messages across. Eyejot is video email that you can do from your computer or mobile device. Not only is it a personal touch for your recipients, the graphics and video link will stand out in a mail box.

Eyejot has a robust free version, but I think the $100/year is worth it for businesses because you can personalize the template and make the format work for calls to action and more.

Take a look at this sample I did from a hotel room in Savannah, Georgia. It took me about 2 minutes to do and send. That’s less time than it would have taken to type a message, and it makes more of a personal impression.

I do have a concern about Eyejot’s longevity, though. Their site, especially once you log in, seems out of date, and the copyright on the home page says 2012. Not good. But they seem to be viable, and they took my $100 for the year. Plus, many of my nerdy bffs use it. So I guess we’ll use it until it doesn’t work, and then we’ll find something else (that probably costs more).

Eyejot – Video Mail In A Blink.


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