July 17, 2014

For Grammar Nerds Only: Weird Al


I have a master’s degree in journalism, and I was a college-level English teacher for many years. That’s why this video from Weird Al makes me incredibly happy. I’ve watched it over and over. Try it. It’s addicting.

And while you’re in the Weird Al mode, you just have to see this nerdy video.


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  • Not a fan at all. As the parent of a special needs child, I am fairly attuned to the insults that people throw around when trying to refer to other people’s lack of intelligence, schooling, manners, skills, whatever. Word Games is full of slams that compared bad writers to people with special needs: did I stammer, moron, dumb mouthbreather, stupid head, spastic, drool, etc. It’s just ironic that he’s trying to make fun of people who write in an immature (or speedy, really) fashion (C, U, R, emojis, and such), yet look at what he’s doing to prove his point. He comes one step short of calling people “retards.” I wish we could move past making fun of other people to try to prove a point.

  • That’s been Weird Al’s M.O. for years. Another one rides the bus denigrates the homeless (“smelly homeless bum” who “hasn’t showered in a year”) and people who are different. “Freaks,” as he calls them. Look at Fat, his horrendously offensive song that just rips everyone who has ever struggled with their weight. I can’t remember a time when that was even the slightest bit funny.

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