August 22

Photo Books from Your Phone

I’ve talked before about things you can do with cool photos from your mobile devices. ¬†But one of my favorite projects is to turn phone photos into keepsake albums for a few dollars and with even fewer clicks.

Photo books are not just for memories of your summer getaway. Here are a few uses for business:

  • Showcase your company’s products and services
  • Create tribute books for a retiring employee
  • Capture the energy of a conference
  • Make your presentation come to life with pictures from key elements of your sales proposal

Groovebook is one of my favorite photo album tools, and here are three others that I tried out with mixed results. The beauty of these three tools as opposed to Groovebook is that these are for 20 pictures or less. Plus you can integrate these with your social media accounts to grab photos from multiple sources.

Check them out now:

  • Mosaic
  • Kindred¬†(the site may still say $11.95, but I checked, and it’s $7.95 for a one-off booklet)
  • Pic Book


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