August 22

Product Hunt: The ultimate app lists

Product Hunt

As Your Nerdy Best Friend, it’s my job to keep my eyes peeled for the newest, coolest, most innovative new apps and tech tools on the market. I read Mashable, TechCrunch and many other sites multiple times a day to catch new stuff.

When I discovered Product Hunt, I pretty much had a nerdgasm. This site is the Reddit for new tech and gadgets. Each day dozens of new entries are shared and voted upon by the Product Hunt community, which means the super awesome-ist tools drift to the top to make my research incredibly fun and easy.

I was getting daily updates via email, but this week they launched a new iOS app, which means every app in the universe is just a swipe away. Ohhh… just typing about it makes my heart flutter. I also love that they curate some of the tools into awesome lists, which I think you can only access through the emails.

Product Hunt


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  • We’ll always need our nerdy best friend!

    As great as technology is, we need a human to sift through the thousands of new things everywhere and find us the really good stuff. That’s what you do so well :)

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