September 4

Hyperlapse from Instagram: Capture your business buzz

Instagram just released a cool new app called Hyperlapse (iOS only right now) that lets you capture time-lapse video and share it within seconds. This morning as my friend Roki and I watched the sun come up from the shores of Ko Olina on Oahu in Hawaii, I captured her as she snapped pictures with her phone.

Yes, it’s a cool toy, but how can you use it to help your business? I’m thinking about creating buzz around your daily business activities ….

  1. Around the holidays, capture your staff as they decorate your company Christmas tree
  2. Show the hubbub around the registration desk as you kick off an event
  3. Position the camera at the door of your expo hall
  4. If you’re mailing packages to customers, grabs shots of the packing process
  5. Do a walkthrough of a house or property you’re showcasing

Instagram put together a cool compilation of great examples of Hyperlapse in action. Take a look.


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