September 10

Subscription Services: Convenience at Your Door

birchboxA few years ago, I fell in love with Birchbox, a company that sends small beauty product samples to your door every month for ten bucks. When I saw it in the mailbox, I would almost squeal with delight. I kept the subscription for about 6 months, until my vanity was overloaded with samples I never used. But even though I didn’t use them, I loved getting the little present every month.

Birchbox’s success has lead to a subscription service for almost every possible personal pleasure, from beauty boxes to craft boxes to food boxes to even a curated nerd box or two.

Most of my tech tools focus on resources for your business life — so why am I talking about boxes of nail polish? Because subscription services are part of the new wave of business trends, and a few of these can make your personal life a little easier.

My very favorite place to browse all the different kinds of boxes is My Subscription Addiction. They review the latest subscription services, plus they have a swap forum so you can get rid of the things you may never use. Here are a few of my favorite ideas for boxes that may make your lives easier.

  1. Nerdy Boxes
    You’ll have the best dressed phone in the neighborhood with a subscription to the Phone Case of the Month ($10). And, of course, for $19.99 a month you can subscribe to Nerd Block, “mystery boxes full of themed nerd gear.”I recently signed my nephews up for Pley, which acts like Netflix for Lego sets. Starting at $25 a month, you get one set at a time to assemble and send back — as many as you can do.

    I also love the idea behind Fancy’s subscription service. They have products curated by celebrities and can be quite geeky, though they can be expensive.

  2. Essentials Boxes
    Almost every guy (and woman) needs razors, and the Dollar Shave Club delivers just that… for a buck. Well, that’s the cheapest razor, but the others cost no more than $9 a month. Manpacks sends you “manly goods when you need them,” such as men’s underwear, socks, razors and, well, condoms.For the ladies, there’s The Period Store. I don’t think this one needs much explanation. You might also like Nicely Noted, which sends cards and the stamps to mail them for $20 a month.
  3. Food Boxes
    Because I travel so much, I subscribe to graze, which sends me adorable little boxes with four tasty snacks every two weeks. Each box is $6.49. I find these so handy and healthy for quick snacks in the airport or when I arrive late to a hotel.I’ve given Love with Food subscriptions to friends because each $10 box of natural/organic snacks provides a meal for a hungry child. You can even skip grocery shopping completely with subscriptions such as Plated, which send fresh ingredients and recipes for whole meals. The price is based on how many people you’ll be serving.
  4. Clothing and Accessory Boxes
    Several services deliver hand-picked clothes to your door without the shopping hassle. These are more expensive, of course, but you can keep what you want and send back the rest. Fabletics sends workout gear. JustFab sends shoes. Myntbox shares jewelry.


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