September 22

I am a bad nerd

Dear readers,

iphone 6I feel like I let you down. When the madness started for the iPhone 6, I told myself I could wait… I would wait. I was thinking, “Let all the early adopters find the bugs, and I’ll get mine in a couple of weeks once the hub and the bub does down.” I’m actually not an early adopter, mainly because of you guys. I want to buy the gadgets and widgets that go mainstream because I want to share tips for the products that you’re using, not the things only uber-nerds buy.

Is the iPhone 6 worth all the hype? The consensus is yes. Although some say that Android devices have had many of these features for quite some time, the iPhone 6 and the Plus bring them together in a beautiful device that has broken records for sales and will set the bar high for both hardware and software for years to come. This new level of phone may lead us to better health monitoring, everyday mobile payments, fingerprint security for our most important apps, inter-app communication for easier mobile work and much more.

But I was determined to be patient. So I didn’t stay up until 12:01 am to preorder. And I watched the articles come in about the iPhone madness all morning. By the middle of the afternoon I couldn’t stand it anymore. I spent the next two hours fighting with overloaded websites trying to order my phone.

When I finally got through, the estimated ship date was the end of October. “I’m ok,” I told myself. “I can wait.”

And then release day came, and I saw the hundreds of people at each store, lined up and ready. I watched the horrifying video of the kid with the very first iPhone as he took it out of the box and dropped it on the ground.

But still I decided to wait. I was working on the book, and I didn’t want to spend all day in line.

But then came the last straw… when my hair stylist… my HAIR STYLIST… welcomed me to the chair and asked to see my new phone because she had gotten the iPhone 6.

Let me say that again. My HAIR STYLIST got her phone before I did. And she is a self-proclaimed non-nerd. What was I thinking?

So my gold iPhone 6 Plus will still arrive in October. And until it is in my hands, I will hang my head in shame. My apologies, my friends.


Your Disgraced Nerdy Best Friend


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