September 25

Credit Cards: The changes are coming

nerdy credit cardIn today’s world, threats to the security of your personal information and accounts is coming from every angle. You have some amount of control over your online presence when you use password managers and safe-surfing techniques. But with the HUGE data breaches by Target, Home Depot and today Jimmy John’s sandwich chain, it’s unnerving to realize that we’re at risk every time we use our credit card, and, there’s nothing we can do about it.

When I read this article from Consumer Reports, I was relieved. In the next year or so, we’ll see widespread use of a credit card technology called EMV chips that may keep our transactions safer. We’ll also see digital wallets take off.

Yes, I said “may keep our transactions safer.” As the article notes.

While credit cards with EMV chips and new digital wallets spell big changes for the credit card, Uriarte says not to get too excited too quickly. “While there may be fewer counterfeit cards being made,” [Chris] Uriarte [chief payments and product officer at Vesta Corp.] said, “the fraud will just move elsewhere. Fraudsters are always looking for the next opportunity.”

Did you dine at Jimmy John’s this summer? Check here to see if your store was involved in the breach. And if you shopped at Home Depot, here’s where you need to go.

Question… would YOU use a digital wallet and leave your credit card behind? Or should we switch back to cash?


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  • Ugh, I don’t like to link my cards to things! I will probably do it, but like buying an iPhone, I will be a laaaaaaaate adopter.
    I only got a paypal account this year – when website required me to have one.

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