October 3

Introducing the New Nerdy Me

The work on the book progresses, and I’m happy to announce I’ve chosen the artist to do the cartoon characters for the new book.

I asked several Fiverr artists to take a crack at a Beth cartoon, and the results were very mixed. I narrowed it down to the two artists on the right in this collage, and yes, that includes the half-naked Beth.

Nerd Beth Collage

I thought the top right nerd was darn cute, and the sexy nerd was, well, sexy. I asked the sexy nerd artist to put more clothes on her….

nerd01 with clothes


But she just didn’t compare to the cuteness of the little line drawing nerd, so here’s the winner! We’re going to put her in high-top sneakers. Look for her to grace the pages of book #3 in the near(ish) future.




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