October 3

Playing with Makeup Genius from L’Oreal

This week I tested a bunch of apps from major brands, which meant a return to Makeup Genius. I downloaded this app from L’Oreal when it first came out.

The idea is pretty cool. The app scans your face, then it applies virtual makeup through the viewfinder with augmented reality. Oh my gosh was it horrible. The makeup didn’t really stay on my face, which meant my lips kept dancing on my chin. And the makeup was terrible. In almost every scenario, I looked like a drag queen who had applied her makeup after three bottles of chardonnay.

But I gave it another try, and I’m glad I did.

You start off with the face scan. This is me just after my workout this morning in a hotel in Fort Walton Beach, FL.

Nude look

Once the app knows where your eyes are, you can either apply specific products or try on complete looks. Here’s a look called Frieda’s Nude. I don’t know who Frieda is, but it sure made my cheeks rosy.

Frieda's Nude


I tried on a bunch of looks, including The Extraordinaire Look Ruby Opera. Hey, I don’t name them.

The extraordinaire look ruby opera


Perhaps that one is a little too extraordinaire — headed into drag queen territory. But it’s still an interesting way to try out new looks.

The app crashed 5 or 6 times during my trial, so it’s not quite there yet (or my ancient iPhone 4S is not a good match). But it’s fun to play with.


just plain fun, on the go, utility

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