October 22

Why I Haven’t Finished Book #3 Yet

This month I have a rare 10-day stint at home with no travel. I’m 83% finished with the new book, and I swore to myself that I’d finish this week while I am home.

Oh, the best laid plans of nerds and men…. I’m definitely making progress, but I don’t think I’ll be done by Friday. Here are a few of the reasons why it’s so hard to finish.

I’m Down to the Tough Stuff

All that’s left of the book now is the stuff I’ve been avoiding because it’s either really big (like the giant chapter of Google tools that I’ve been working on for three days) or it’s just really complicated, like Basecamp. Each of the sections that are left are going to take me much more time than I want to spend.

I Get Too Excited about the New Stuff

I’m positively giddy about some of the new tools I’ve discovered lately, and I keep getting off track because I’m playing with them and figuring out what they do. And then I have to call my husband to say, “Oh my gosh — you HAVE to try this!” On a side note, I’m planning on pitching a new session for attorney conventions: The Top Ten Tools My Lawyer Husband Needs (But Will Never Try).

My Cats Are Too Cute

This week I booked a hotel for a writing retreat, but their internet speed was slower than my marathon run pace. So I moved my work home again, and although I’m trying to focus, I keep getting drawn away by the cats, the husband, the dishes, the laundry, my new Glossybox, etc. Plus I don’t want my husband to see just how many Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Miniatures I can down in one sitting, so perhaps a lack of chocolate is slowing me down.

See how cute the cats are? This is Paste. Her sister, of course, is Copy.


Thanks for your patience. I’m getting there!



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