November 17

A Very Nerdy Christmas

If this is how we keep in touch at Christmas, what does it mean for letters to Santa? Funny.



just plain fun

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Make your own graphic alphabet

Make your own graphic alphabet
  • YES! Love it! It’s new, it’s up-to-date, it’s what’s happening, and it’s time I get on board. I could even make an audio text by singing the lyrics – that is if I could sing – which I can’t so I won’t be doing that But I could. Anyway, I try to be open to and embrace new things so I like it.

  • Gah! No! Please pick up the phone and call people. As a mom who has children in a different state, I really want to hear your voice. It is once a year and even if it is just a 30 second voice mail, it lets me know that you are alive and okay. Please show the love and call those you don’t usually get to see or hear from the rest of the year.

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