January 4

How I’m surviving #CES2015

Beth Z at CESThis week I have the honor of attending the biggest consumer electronics show of the year, CES in Las Vegas. Frankly I’m completely clueless as to what will happen and what I should be doing. I discovered the press room at the Mandalay Bay hotel, and I am thrilled with the banks of wired computers and the tables with hard-wire internet access if you bring your own laptop. I started my visit with a keynote about the trends to watch in 2015. After taking a dozen pictures of surfboards with sensors and babies with clothing that monitors their breathing, I realized that I needed to establish some systems to manage the information so I can report back to you guys. So here’s what I’m doing:

  1. I am using a PC to login to my LastPass Vault. This gives me protected access to all my user names and passwords, which is awesome because mine are all computer generated (by LastPass), so I can’t possibly remember them.
  2. Once I cracked open LastPass, I used it to log in to IFTTT, a multi-application automator. I’ve decided that I’ll tweet out most of my notes and photos, and IFTTT let me set up recipes that will save those tweets as Evernote notes. Plus I’ve created an automation to post my new tweets on my Tumblr page.
  3. I already have my iOS photos set up to automatically download to Dropbox, so as soon as I open Dropbox, they’ll be in my folder on my computer (or anywhere else I need to get them).
  4. And in true survival mode, I’m wearing my new Garmin Vivofit  (a gift from the hubby) and comfortable high-top sneakers.



If you want to (try) to keep track of the madness during the event, feel free to follow my Twitter feed (our Tumblr site is a little pathetic right now). I am so excited to share all the cool stuff I’m going to see! Here’s what I’m most interested in seeing at the show:

  • Personal security tools that make your online lives safer (password protection, etc.)
  • Internet of Things (IoT) gadgets that help you automate your lives.
  • Health and personal data monitoring tools that keep you healthy and knowledgeable about your body.
  • Weird, crazy stuff that we can’t imagine actually exists.

I’m not going to cover the cool new stuff in TVs, cars, audio, drones and other recreations. I had to draw the line somewhere. My head is going to explode as it is. What are you most excited about gadget-wise for 2015?


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