January 25

Engage communities with fun social media quizzes

When I demo social media quizzes, I use this silly one I created: Nerd or Not Nerd. But I always say that organizations can engage their communities and create more connections by personalizing the quizzes, which are very popular on Facebook and other social networks, and often become viral successes. They’re pretty easy to create and share, and they’re fun to take.

header_02Today a quiz from my undergraduate alma mater asked the important question, “What UNT Building Are You?” I found it irresistible, and the quiz made me nostalgic as I remembered the iconic buildings from the campus that I walked for four years.

This is an excellent example of how an organization can use social media to create a connection with a community. Here are some other ideas that may work for your professional social media efforts:

  • What type of board member would you be for X organization? (for a non-profit)
  • Which neighborhood should you live in? (for a chamber of commerce)
  • How well do you know the staff? (for a small business)

Your Turn: What type of quiz would work for your organization, business or group?

PS — My building was the library. No surprise there.


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