March 26, 2015

FileThis Fetch: Automated statement downloads


FileThisAround tax time, my husband and I are always behind, and one of the things we put off the longest is downloading all the bank and credit card statements. We sit across the table from one another and scowl, spending way too long on this menial task.

That’s why I was SO EXCITED to discover a new tool called FileThis, which lets you connect your accounts to Dropbox, Evernote, Box or other cloud storage sites. Once everything is connected, FileThis pulls down all the existing statements and continues to monitor the accounts when the new ones come in. Now at tax time, I’ll just need to share the Dropbox folder I created with D.J., and instead of spending a Sunday morning on downloads, we can go to breakfast at the beach.

The free account lets you have 6 connections and 500MB of storage, which you won’t need if you choose to store your files in one of the cloud services. The next level is $20 a year and gives you twice the capability.


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