March 30, 2015

Can’t assemble that new cat tree? Hire a handyman with Amazon Home Services


I continue to be impressed with Amazon’s expansion. Besides being the ultimate online superstore for almost anything that can be imagined, the company has expanded into grocery delivery, easy giveaways, “make an offer” pricing and now home services.

The home services options are in many major cities, though some of them are pretty limited.

Here in San Diego, I can’t  hire someone to assemble a cat tree,

cat tree

but I can find a guy who will put together a new foosball table for just $250.

Amazon Home

I can have my TV mounted and put in a system to make sure I don’t back up into anything in the Nerdmobile (my bright orange Prius). I can also get my toilet replaced for a pretty reasonable fee.

Wall mount BackupToilet


But I’m out of luck when it comes to taking aerial yoga classes or getting goats to cut my grass.

Yogagoat grazer

Craigslist has long been the leader in these types of local services, but Amazon’s guarantees make this a tempting alternative. Would you order a handyman from the same place you get your nerd socks? Chime in!


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