April 15

LinkedIn Resume Builder: Your resume in a few clicks

When I quit my job in 2007, I had no prospects whatsoever. I started flipping through the want ads on Craigslist and was completely overwhelmed with the thought of doing a new resume… so I started my own freelance writing business instead!

Crafting a resume is a necessary evil that most of us will have to do at some point in our lives. Way back in the day I discovered the LinkedIn Resume Builder, but frankly I thought it was being abandoned by LinkedIn and was going to die an un-updated death. I stumbled across it again today, and it’s alive and easy to use and incredibly handy! With just a couple of clicks, you can print out a serviceable resume with info from your LinkedIn profile. It’s not very flexible, but it’s quick and easy and will do in a pinch.

You should watch this short video for an overview.

Turn your LinkedIn Profile into a Resume | Resume Builder.


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