April 16

The 2015 Webby Awards: My favorite nominees

The Webby Awards recognize the best and most innovative sites, campaigns, apps and more. The nominees for 2015 are in, and here’s my take on some of the most interesting new finds.

Mobile and Online Tools

  • Product Hunt
    My very favorite site for finding new apps received a well-deserved nomination.
  • Happify
    This app swears it’ll use science to keep you from thinking negative thoughts.  Stop, Breathe and Think helps you get peace of mind in 5 minutes.
  • Swipes
    This task app integrates into email and other tools to keep you on track.
  • Humin
    I tried the contact management app Humin and wasn’t impressed, but it’s nominated.
  • Peel
    This app turns your phone into a remote control and will soon control smart tools for home automation.
  • RetailMeNot
    Hurray! My favorite coupon site has a mobile app that shows you offers at stores based on your location.
  • History Here
    With this app from The History Channel, you can discover historic sites wherever you travel.
  • Unroll.me
    This service helps you get your email inbox into shape by helping you unsubscribe from emails you don’t want and digest the ones you do.

Interactive and Interesting Sites

  • Alfred Services
    Who would think a laundry service would have such a captivating website?
  • National Geographic’s The Story of Food
    I could stick around and click into this site all day.
  • Non Stop Bar
    I really have no idea why this website exists, but it’s fascinating. And this simple site is simply addicting.
  • Universal Font
    The pen company Bic created a site that lets people from all over the world contribute their handwriting samples to create a downloadable font that represents the world’s handwriting. It’s super cool.
  • Epic Rap Battle: NERD vs GEEK
    Oh! Oh! Oh! I love this video and am so happy it was nominated.
  • Wikiwand
    This Chrome plugin and iOS app breathes new life into Wikipedia with a modern look and creative interactive elements.
  • Don’t Look Away
    A nonprofit dedicated to saving sight worldwide created this interactive site that uses facial recognition to watch you watch the film.
  • Canal+ Being the Bear
    You’re the director in this interactive film. It’s in French, but, well, you’ll see. It’s cool.
  • Croacia
    This website for a sound studio is a white screen with audio only that you can navigate with your voice. It’s disconcerting.
  • Beyond Rubik’s Cube
    If you like Rubik’s Cube, you’ll love these experiments with the form.
  • Seven Digital Deadly Sins
    Are you eating dinner with your smartphone more than your family? This interactive site explores the unhealthy relationship we have with technology.
  • United In Time
    Your picture can become a second in the clock of the world. Or something like that.
  • The Colors of Motion
    To make this site, the developers analyzed the colors in classic movies to create beautiful palettes. One of my favorites.
  • Smarty Pins
    Watch out… this location-based trivia game on Google Maps is quite addictive.


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