May 11

treev: Search your cloud services

If you’re like me, you have several cloud storage accounts where you store this file and that photo. Maybe it’s because you’re taking advantage of the free storage allowances. Or maybe you enjoy the convenience of storing certain files where you tend to use them, such as keeping the docs you collaborate on in Google where you can edit together.

One of the challenges of keeping different things in different places is that you have trouble remembering where things are. That’s why I’m happy to see a new Chrome plugin called treev. Treev is a universal search engine for your cloud storage services. This means that if you can’t remember where you stored that index of cupcake recipes, you can throw the word “cupcake” into the treev search engine and find all your cupcake files no matter where they live.

And guess what? Treev has my favorite feature… it’s free.

Source: treev: Work your magic


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