May 12, 2015

Get an Amazon Gift Card for helping me reach my goal!


Flat cover RYIN 2013This morning realized that I am just 27 books away from selling 6000 copies of “Release Your Inner Nerd“! That’s twice as many as politician Andrew Cuomo has sold, and 30 times the sales of the average self-published book!

Thanks to all of you who have purchased the book and pushed me toward success. I’m thrilled!

But I can’t, can’t, can’t wait to get to the magic number of 6000!

So everyone who buys my book on Amazon today gets a $5 gift card! That means my book costs you just five bucks!

Who needs a copy in your life?

  • You, you, you because we ran out of copies at your event.
  • Your nerdy best friend.
  • Your colleague who keeps stealing your copy.
  • High school and college students (it makes a great graduation gift!).
  • Your parents.
  • Anyone!

Just send a copy of your receipt to beth at yournerdybestfriend dot com, and I’ll send you the gift card this week.

Thanks and thanks and thanks! You guys mean the world to me.


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