August 28

Put a little song into your communications with Ditty

At first glance, the two apps I’m in love with this week might seem like silly toys (the other one is MomentCam). But if you look beyond their adorableness and the childlike “wow” factor, you should be able to figure out how to make use of these fun apps at work.

Ditty: Turn any phrase into a song

This is pure #NerdJoy. Ditty lets you take any 50-character phrase and make it musical. With just a few clicks, you can make your tagline sing… literally. Or add a dramatic flair to an upcoming deadline. Or impress your nephews. Or whatever. Download the free app on iOS or Android, add a phrase and choose a song. Some are free, but you can purchase songs individually for a buck or the whole pack for $10.

Here’s what I did with my company name:

Here’s a little video I made about an upcoming deadline.

This week Ditty also added the ability for you to record video to go with the words instead of using their colorful backgrounds. So this morning I followed the cats (Copy and Paste) around the house until I captured this captivating interlude.


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