September 14

There’s Got To Be A Better Way! Contact Merge Options

There's Got to Be a Better Way

Last Friday, we started a new feature.  Each week we’re going to pose a question that came into Nerd Headquarters and ask YOU for help!

Last week’s question: A fellow nerd wrote, “I have contacts in Outlook, on my phone, in GMail and everywhere else. How can I merge all these contacts and get rid of the duplicates so I just have one set of contacts that I can access anywhere?”

My first answer in this category is Humin, but I was never completely sold with the solution. So you nerds came right to the rescue with some great ideas!

Danute M. is using Circleback, Cleanup Suite, and Contact Saver – apps that automatically update the current info.

Keli W. says, “Google contacts will import from an iCloud export and put them all in one location. It will check duplicates for you and then clean up the files.”

Susan M. likes Cleanup suite, too, and also uses Google Sync.

Tena M. uses an app called EasilyDo (and it’s free!). Tena says, “Once you link all your email accounts, social media, etc… [EasilyDo] integrates it all on their platform so that you can view the highlights in one place…it will add all your contacts to your phone and combine/delete the duplicates…I’m sure the paid version does even more….”

Steve C. is a fan of an app called Brewster.

Look at that! Seven solutions from our wonderful community.  Thanks to all who wrote in. We’ll have another nerd-stumper this Friday!



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