September 23, 2015

There’s got to be a better way! Task Managers


There's Got to Be a Better WayThis past week’s question: “Beth, what is the best tool to track tasks for both home and work in one place — something that will work on all my devices even though they’re on different platforms (PC and Mac, etc.)”

I’ve been very happy with Redbooth in the past.  My assistant swears by Todoist. She’d be lost without it.

Fellow nerd Mike C. reminded us of a favorite: “I use Wunderlist with categories for Work and Home to help me track tasks. I can set a reminder for the future that pings all my devices (phone, tablet, pc) at the specified date and time.”

Big thanks to Mike. We’ll have another nerd-stumper this Friday!



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  • i moved to Todoist when I discovered nested tasks. I am currently using it for conference planning and the nested tasks allows me to see each set of tasks when I am ready to tackle that area.

  • I use Azendoo to manage team and personal tasks. The free version offers a lot of functionality. It is a great way to collaborate on tasks throughout the project cycle.

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