September 25

Postagram: Instant postcard photo memories

The topic that is causing the most “oohhhh!” from my audiences lately is when we talk about ways to show your appreciation or say thanks with technology, and one of my favorite ways to spread appreciative happiness is an inexpensive postcard service called Postagram.

For about a buck — including domestic postage! — you can choose a picture from your phone or connected cloud-storage site such as Facebook or Google Photos. Then just write a quick note, personalize it a little more with a thumbnail photo and add the name and address of the recipient. You can even choose the day you’d like the card to arrive to set up a surprise for special occasions.

The cards themselves are memorable. They’re thicker than regular postcards, and the picture you send can be punched out. Sure, they’re great for sending pictures to Grandma, but I’ve used Postagram for my business quite a bit. The service is especially handy when you’re snapping pictures at the grip-and-grin awards ceremony at an event. With just a few clicks, you can send a memento to the award recipients that will arrive at his office almost before you get there.

Postagram works with credits, which you buy in bulk. If you’re sending one from and to a US address, you’ll use 5 credits, which generally costs less than $1. You’ll need more credits for international postage or to send more elaborate cards from Postagram’s sister company, Ink.

Another bonus Postagram feature? Recipients can scan a QR code to quickly send back a thank you for your thank you. Plus, you can track your postcard’s delivery, and you’ll get a notification if it’s undeliverable.





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