September 30

There’s got to be a better way! Facebook Banners

There's Got to Be a Better WayHelp a nerd out! This week’s question: “Beth, is there an easy way to create headers for our Facebook pages?”
Mary P. writes: The first thing that comes to mind is Canva. They make it soooo easy!!

Digital adds another vote for Canva: I personally use Photoshop for my clients’ Facebook covers. I just create an 851×315 image to use as a template and then add photos and text as needed. But for those who don’t have Photoshop — you can use Canva.

Neil M. posts: is like a free, online Photoshop. Then you just need a template to start with. I threw one together this morning to share.

Thanks, Neil, Digital and Mary! Great suggestions. Appreciate your insights.  Until next week, nerds!


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