October 9

Unroll.me: Worth another look

unroll.meAbout 3 years ago I gave a tool called Unroll.me a try. The service combs several email platforms [Outlook.com (including Hotmail, MSN, & Windows Live), Gmail, Google Apps, Yahoo! Mail, AOL Mail, and iCloud] to find your subscriptions and either helps you unsubscribe or “roll up” into a daily digest.

Three years ago, I was only moderately impressed. I tried to use it with a listserv subscription, and Unroll.me ended up mangling my feeds. Ugh. But in the last few weeks, I noticed a huge uptick in unwanted subscriptions. Chances are I signed up for┬ásome flippin’ email that sold my name to a bunch of other flippin’ spam monsters, and they’re all conspiring to fill my inbox and piss me off. Harumph.

So I gave Unroll.me another shot, especially since my business manager, Molly, gave it such glowing reviews. And now I’m totally impressed.

Not only can you sweep through your inbox when you sign up, but Unroll.me also keeps an eye on new subscriptions to help me keep things under control.

So I am officially switching my recommendation from a weak “other people love it” to a strong “this is an inbox rehabilitator and a tool you should use.”

Do you use it? Add your review below.


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  • I suspected the subscriptions had slowly been eating into otherwise productive time, but had no idea! 162 of them! In just a few clicks there were 79 survivors of the 1st pass. We’ll see how things look when the initial mid-day digest arrives tomorrow. Obviously Beth Z’s newsletter is a keeper!

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