October 9

You guys love your Samsung devices

I’ve been struggling about which Android phone I should buy — and last week I had a “DUH” moment and realized that YOU guys have the best insight into the best devices!

And boy did you give me insight. Thank you so much! You Samsung fans were out in force, and the answer is clear — and matches what the stats have already told us: Samsung is one of the top (the top?) phone providers in the world.

Android chart

The real competition was between the top two Samsung phone series: Galaxy S and Galaxy Note. People have strong feelings about both. The Note fans love the note-taking ability of the device and compare it to a mini tablet. The stylus is a big plus. Galaxy S series fans talk about how cool the phone is. It’s just cool. Really.

Motorola and HTC were pretty much tied, but they were way far behind.

So what did I buy? The Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The Edge is a feature that lets you view quick info on a curved screen, and the Plus just means it’s a little bigger. Some readers loved the Edge — others thought it was gadget-y and wasn’t worth the extra $100. But I figured I’d give it a try. I didn’t get the Note because I’m not likely to use the device to take notes. I’m more interested in trying out Android apps and getting a better perspective on more devices.

I had planned to write a big post that compares iPhones to the Galaxy, but it’s gonna take me quite a bit of time to find all the differences. My first impressions:


  • Oh my gosh but this phone is sexy. And beautiful. And quick. I’m proud to own it.
  • The Edge is indeed cool — especially because it can serve as a bedside clock that is dark until you slide your finger along the side.
  • I bought the wireless charger, and it’s super cool to just be able to drop my phone on the pad and let it charge away.


  • The battery life just plain sucks. When it came out of the box, it had 50%. I took it to my hair appointment, and at first I thought I must have gotten a defective one because the juice was slipping away so quickly. But this device in particular is known for having a very busy background world that sucks up battery life. I need to read my own advice to change the settings and save my bars.
  • The curved screen is very cool but a little inconvenient. It’s tough to avoid touching the screen when you’re holding the sides, and while I was watching a video, I kept pulling up video controls without wanting to.
  • Samsung loves its apps and products — so much so that it’s forever pushing them on me. And the device came with, I don’t know, maybe a thousand apps. Ok, maybe I’m exaggerating. But I’m pretty sure the number is significantly more than iPhone installed.

How about you? What are your favorite/least favorite Android features?



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