October 22

There’s got to be a better way! Activity Tracker

Help a Nerd Out! Kim H. wrote to ask, “I can’t decide which activity tracker to buy. What would you recommend?”

Nerdy community… chime in! Which step counter or activity tracker do you love the best?

There's Got to Be a Better WayGianna C. for basic use- FITBIT ONE..because it does NOT go on your arm. the results are actually a little more accurate.

Darcy B. I like the Jawbone Up – same reason as Lindsey. It is smaller. I love the app as well.

Lindsey S. I have used various versions of Jawbone’s Up bands, mainly because they have been bracelet style, a little more subtle than a Fitbit (IMO). I am a lady who dresses nicely, so I lust after the designer collab wearables that are metals and look like dignified lady jewelry.

Jami B. fit bit charge…Love it and shows you heart rate, steps, stairs climb ect. Plus is a watch and your text messages can pop up. The software is easy to use and you can scan your food into the food log…very convenient. 🙂

Betsy V. I love my Fitbit Charge. New colors just came out. This tracks steps,stairs,heart rate,calories,sleep and shows time of day plus vibrates when I have a phone call coming in. I wanted a watch with the extras. Instant data on the Fitbit and weekly reports on my telephone. Sleep details even show how long I slept and how many times i was restless. Pretty cool…

Kathleen W. Does it have to be something you wear on your wrist? I use SportsTracker for my bike riding and love it, it’s definitely worth checking out. There is a free version that I use and then a ‘premium’ version with more bells and whistles. 

Thank you, ladies. It seems you can’t go wrong with either.  Until next week, nerds!



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