October 22

There’s got to be a better way! Music Streaming

Help a Nerd Out! Here’s a question we received this week from Scott A…. “Beth, I’ve never seen you write about music apps, so maybe you could ask the nerdy community? What streaming music service is the best and why?”

Scott’s right… I don’t review many apps for downtime. What do you guys love? Chime in!

There's Got to Be a Better WayChristine V. I’m a devotee of Spotify. What I love about Spotify is that with the paid service you can download audio. That makes it super useful for things like flights (which don’t always have wifi) or workouts (when I don’t want to kill my battery).

Aimee T. My favorites are Spotify & Soundcloud.

Bonnie Jo D. I must be old fashioned…. I only use iTunes!

Sounds like Spotify is in the lead and you can’t go wrong with iTunes.  A lot of friends rave about IHeartRadio and some devotees of Pandora. This may require some nerdy investigation.  Until next week, nerds!



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