February 10, 2016

There’s got to be a better way! Free calls and texts


Help A Nerd Out! This week’s question: 

“What are people in the NerdWords community using to make free calls or send free texts?”

There's Got to Be a Better Way

Becky D. ipad/iphone facetime/imessage set up on wifi! That is how we stay connected with our stepdaughter who lives so far away and doesn’t have a phone number.

Lynne Z. I call my son in Spain with Facetime, even if i’m driving down the road and don’t actually look at the screen. It’s FREE!

Sandy C. My husband and I use Google hangouts for sending free texts back and forth.

Rick M. I love to use “whats app” to keep in touch with my office and family when i am out of the country.

Tami S. I’m a fan of Google Voice. Use it every week for business.

Michael W. WhatsApp

Rick B. I use Viber and What’s App – both free internationally on WiFi!

Stephanie Y. I love Google Hangouts for calls and texts. The app is great.

Several great options to save money.  Thanks, nerds! See you next week.



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