There’s got to be a better way! Cloud Storage

Help a Nerd Out! Betty B. asks a very simple question with a thousand possible answers…

There's Got to Be a Better Way“I’m trying to choose a cloud storage service that syncs to all my devices… Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive or…. what???”

Alan D. Depends on device and what the intended use is. I use Google Drive for docs and Dropbox for media files (photo backup/sync across devices, for example). It also depends on what email platform you use – outlook. com? Use OneDrive. Gmail? Google Drive. AOL? You’ll probably want to print it off and keep it in an actual box.

Ann H. Use ’em all for different stuff.

Kandice-Lee D. I use dropbox.

Scott S. Dropbox for business. Wanted to use OneDrive for Business for my small office since 1TB is included w Office 365 online but heard that it doesn’t collaborate/sync well with multiple users. If someone knows differently I’d love to hear.

Beth F. I’ve been using Dropbox for a couple of years and it’s great for PDFs, Word docs, and pictures. But I LOVE Evernote for miscellaneous documents, notes, powerpoints, recipes, etc. It works seamlessly on all devices — I have a PC desktop, iPad, Macbook and Samsung phone. Dropbox and Evernote work great on all of them!

Thanks to five great contributors! See you next week, nerds. 


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