February 17

There’s got to be a better way! Cloud Storage

Help a Nerd Out! Betty B. asks a very simple question with a thousand possible answers…

There's Got to Be a Better Way“I’m trying to choose a cloud storage service that syncs to all my devices… Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive or…. what???”

Alan D. Depends on device and what the intended use is. I use Google Drive for docs and Dropbox for media files (photo backup/sync across devices, for example). It also depends on what email platform you use – outlook. com? Use OneDrive. Gmail? Google Drive. AOL? You’ll probably want to print it off and keep it in an actual box.

Ann H. Use ’em all for different stuff.

Kandice-Lee D. I use dropbox.

Scott S. Dropbox for business. Wanted to use OneDrive for Business for my small office since 1TB is included w Office 365 online but heard that it doesn’t collaborate/sync well with multiple users. If someone knows differently I’d love to hear.

Beth F. I’ve been using Dropbox for a couple of years and it’s great for PDFs, Word docs, and pictures. But I LOVE Evernote for miscellaneous documents, notes, powerpoints, recipes, etc. It works seamlessly on all devices — I have a PC desktop, iPad, Macbook and Samsung phone. Dropbox and Evernote work great on all of them!

Thanks to five great contributors! See you next week, nerds. 



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  • Have used MediaFire for several years and love it. Since it’s cloud based it’s always accessible from any Internet device. You can also share files, collaborate and all that good stuff, if you need to. I have one folder that’s designated for up,lads/downloads by members for sharing documents with each other. Highly recommended it. http://Www.mediafire.com.

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