February 24

There’s got to be a better way! Email

Help a Nerd Out! 

There's Got to Be a Better WayCliff L. asks, “I’m finally going to switch my email from AOL to another cloud-based email service. Which one? Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Outlook.com... something else?”

Patrick A. Gmail. All other responses are invalid. Seriously – the number of benefits you get with gmail, google calendar and google contacts are amazing. When most people switch phones, computers, etc. they lose a ton of data. Since moving my life to Google that has never happened to me. When I buy a new phone, the set up is easy. I usually have all my emails, contacts, and appointments on my phone before I’ve even paid for the new phone. My house could burn down and I know Google would have my back. And there are several other benefits to using Google if you are a business owner. Advertising, Analytics, etc. All under one neat roof.

Alan D. Anything would be an improvement grin emoticon I’m a gmail devotee after having used compuserve, hotmail, and yahoo. If you’ve got an Android phone it also makes more sense than the others – the integration across the board makes life easy. Even Apple has Google integrated apps, and the use of google voice, hangouts, docs, drive, and all the other free services make it a no brainer.

Dorea W. As someone who uses both gmail and Outlook online for different hats I wear, gmail is far far far and away superior.

Louise S. I agree with Dorea – use Outlook and Gmail – prefer Gmail and it’s flexibility!!

I declare GMail the winner! Thanks to all. 



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