March 11

Math Apps for Pi Day

Happy almost Pi Day!

Pi DayMonday is March 14, otherwise known as 3/14, otherwise known as Pi Day! It’s the day we nerds celebrate the beautiful irrational number that represents the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, which we commonly abbreviate to 3.14.

Not everyone gets excited about Pi like a true math nerd does, but you can get excited about these cool apps that render your college algebra classes even less relevant than they used to be.

  • Photomath
    Where the heck was this app when I was in high school? With a couple of clicks, Photomath (iOS and Android) scans and solves mathematical equations without getting out a pencil or even a calculator. Photomath also takes you through the solution step by step to teach you how it’s done.
  • Travelmath
    After TripIt, the Travelmath website is the most helpful travel tool I use. The site tells you driving distances, the nearest airport to a city and all kinds of extremely helpful calculations that make travel easier.
  • Splitwise
    I had three roommates in college, and I still remember the phone bills with color-coded highlights and calculations that helped us divide up the bill. Splitwise (iOS and Android) does the math for you, dividing up bills, rent and more for group expenses. A new iOS restaurant tool helps you split the check.
  • MyScript Calculator
    These apps recognize your handwriting as you write out your equations and await their simple solution.
  • Wolfram|Alpha
    If you want to know about every single thing in the entire world and have that information at your fingertips no matter where you are, Wolfram|Alpha is what you seek. What do I mean by everything? I mean everything.





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  • These are awesome Beth. Thanks. Kids are doing advanced maths and it’s amazing how much I had forgotten (or more, what I can remember), but these tools will really help.

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