There’s got to be a better way! VoIP

Help a Nerd Out! Ellen wrote to ask…

“I’m looking for advice on most reliable web-based telephone services. I live in the foothills of a mountain in Phoenix and find that my cell phone calls get dropped often, despite installing a signal booster.

There's Got to Be a Better WayMy landline has a lot of interference, (which the phone company can’t seem to fix) and is also not reliable. I must be in a dead zone. I do occasional consulting and am looking to ramp it up. Most my calls are with individuals, but occasionally I have conference calls.

I cannot have calls drop if I want to retain any clients! 🙂

Phil G. I’m a big fan of Skype. Works really well for my needs as long as wireless or my cellular signal is strong.

Beth Z. Vonage offers some very cool options for small business and home, too.

Leave a comment if you have had luck with other VoIP services.  Thanks, nerd community. 




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