April 15, 2016

Word-over-image tools: Stencil Web App


You guys probably know how much I adore Canva, the graphic design tool that lets you make graphics for almost every possible scenario: social media, resumes, business cards and much more. The price tag is right, too, with lots and lots of free features and low-cost options for advanced needs.

Stencil, formerly known as Save As Image, revamped itself to be more Canva-like and offers access via a site or a very handy Chrome add-on. Although Stencil can’t compete with Canva price-wise or in the sheer numbers of templates, Stencil has special features that make it very handy.

Key Features of Stencil:

  • Add text to any picture or background — theirs or yours
  • Upgrade for pre-designed templates ($9 a month — boo)
  • When you have the Chrome add-on installed, right click on any image to immediately launch the app and add text
  • BONUS… highlight any text then use the Chrome button to transform that text into an image that you can place on any background (my favorite feature)

Watch these very brief video overviews to see what makes Stencil special.

Here’s the big overview.


Here’s a feature that *almost* makes it cooler than Canva.



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