April 25

There’s got to be a better way! Receipt Management

Great timing for this question from Shannon O: “What is everyone using for receipts for tax purposes? I am tired of the shoeboxes. Please help!”

There's Got to Be a Better WayAlan D. Neatreceipts mobile scanner. Had it for years. Great software to OCR your paperworks and auto-categorize for easy expense report generation. As a bonus it can be used to scan business cards that can then be imported into Outlook.

Chad L. I’ve been using Scanbot which captures and geotags the receipts and has actions/workflows to upload (in my case) to a DropBox folder shared to my accountant.

Karen B. A guy named Guido. He apparently has no last name. At least he’s not sharing….

Oh, our funny and helpful nerds!  Thanks for your input.



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