May 4, 2016

There’s got to be a better way! Recipe Apps


Help a nerd out… in the kitchen!

There's Got to Be a Better Way

Sheryl B. asks, “Okay, Nerdy Friends, what are the best apps for recipes so I can make use of the ingredients I have on hand and discover new dinner ideas that my family will actually eat??”

Chad L: We use Paprika. It organizes recipes and can automatically import them from almost any food/recipe site. Push a button to build a grocery list for one or more recipes and sync to your phone. Manage and label multiple timers while you cook. Best kitchen app I’ve found to date.

Tim B: Paprika! My favorite recipe manager ever! We even sync our recipe lists to both our phones so whoever stops at the store on the way home knows what to pick up!

Cindy L: I plug on-hand ingredients into Pinterest. Fav – Bacon wrapped avocado! Yum!

Lorrell K: Allrecipes NEVER steers me wrong. NEVER!!

Eric W: I like dinner spinner from

Off to whip up a new treat or two. 



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