May 11

There’s got to be a better way! First Gadget?

No questions came in this week for “Help A Nerd Out,” so here’s my question: What was your first gadget? An iPod? A Walkman? A record player? Who bought it for you? And how much did you use it? Let’s spill the nerdy beans.

There's Got to Be a Better Way

Karen H: Saved my babysitting money for months in the mid 70’s……


Carolyn P: Mine was an Atari. Got it for my hubby to play games, read the book that came with it and discovered I could program it to create math problems for my son and never looked back. Actually my VERY first gadget was a transistor radio. It took a 9 volt battery and I could carry it anywhere but the Atari was when I realized how much I really loved technology.

Crystal N: A tape player with microphone jack. I used it all the time to record “radio shows” with my friends. I found a tape not too long ago, and realized that I always paused the recording when it was their time to sing, apparently I wanted it to be a solo show.

Louise S: Record player – my sweet 16 gift from my dad ❤️ all those many years ago ?

Kelly F: A record player, bought for me by my parents, and I listened to Cyndi Lauper on repeat on it.

Julia R: Record player with 8 track! Listened to Frampton…bday gift.

Tami S: Carolyn Parkin – I had to check your year of graduation. My answer is your answer. The hand held radio was my first realization that more than country music existed in the world. Then, the Atari. My best friend and I would play hours of Pong.

Lisa H: A kid’s record player. I think it was red. Played my Donny Osmond album over & over. I still have the album & still love it!

The best of memories! Check out the links to what these gadgets would cost you today. 


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  • My parents got me a Barbie-themed record player that played 45’s – yeah-I’m older . . .

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