May 13

Mobile Keyboards: Gboard and Word Flow

It almost seems trivial to review keyboard apps. I mean, typing is typing, right? QWERTY is spelled the same everywhere you look.

But finding a keyboard that matches your typing style and communication needs can dramatically improve your productivity.


This week Google released a keyboard called Gboard, which, curiously enough, is only available on iOS right now. Gboard is packed with features, including a couple¬†you’d never imagine you’d need in a keyboard:

  • Swipe keys for very rapid typing
  • Search Google from the keyboard and insert the results into your text without cutting and pasting
  • Find and insert GIFs

Word Flow

Google may be trying to keep up with Microsoft’s innovative new keyboard called Word Flow. Here’s what it offers:

  • Creative backgrounds and customizations
  • A twisting keypad that makes it easier to type with one hand
  • Key swipe capabilities (not as easy as Gboard)

You really should see these two keyboards (and a bonus one) in action…




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