May 19, 2016

Adobe Spark Post: I heart you


Love NerdWordsEureka! Another game-changing graphic tool has arrived!

Truthfully, Adobe Spark Post is not 100% new, but it has been rebranded and strengthened, and it’s now cool enough to share with you guys.

In a nutshell, Adobe Spark Post lets you quickly — I mean VERY quickly — create beautiful graphics and videos for social media and marketing. With dozens and dozens of templates, you can write a few words, choose a pic, apply a theme and share. Apple device owners can download the app, and everyone can use the tool online.

Three things make Adobe Spark Post way cooler than two of my other favorite quick-graphic tools (Canva and WordSwag).

  • First, you can animate the text on your graphic to make your post stand out.
  • Second, once you design a graphic, you can easily and quickly transform the graphic to a number of shapes, both custom and pre-set for social media.
  • Three, Adobe Spark Post is actually one of a suite of cool tools Adobe has released under the umbrella of Adobe Spark. The other tools help you create presentations, videos and web pages.

You really need to watch my overview to get the big picture.



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