May 25

There’s got to be a better way! Polls/Surveys

Help a nerd out! This week we hear from Jon R. He needs your help…“We want to send out some polls/surveys. What do you recommend?”

Come on… share your ideas!

There's Got to Be a Better WayElizabeth L: I still find that Survey Monkey meets my needs. I use Doodle for scheduling even though I know there are other scheduling tools out there.

Melissa H: SurveyMonkey is great! If you need to accept files (.pdfs) as part of your survey, SurveyMoz is also worth checking out.

Christine M: Late to the game on this question; however thought I would also endorse Survey Monkey. And share that I am NOT a fan of Google Forms. Tried it, didn’t like it.

Jenny B. I don’t send out many myself, but our researcher seems to like SurveyMonkey a lot.

Missy P: I love SurveyMonkey; it is intuitive and does not waste my time…

Alli V: Typeform is beautiful and mobile friendly.

AYTM: I’d like to recommend, but I may be a tad biased….

Peggy S: Survey Monkey!

Carole T: Survey Monkey!

Brandy J: Survey Monkey

April M: Google Forms!!!!!

Kathy W: Zoho

We have some loyal Survey Monkey fans out there. A few other ideas plus a cameo by AYTM themselves!



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  • I recently participated in a poll using Poll Everywhere. As an end user, I really enjoyed the ease and simplicity. It was a 2-step text process and users could see poll results instantly as others participated. Personally, I thought that method really encouraged participation and transparency and it’s now a method we are looking into using at our own business.

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