July 8

Ridiculous time-wasting sites

Make everything okThis week I’ve been checking out hundreds of new sites, and I discovered Fulck.com (yes, there’s an “L” there). The site supposedly lists the most popular 1000 sites in the world (though it looks a little outdated).

But I clicked around a while and found a bunch of really weird, majorly time-wasting sites — that you’ll love.

  • Pointless.com
    Links to tons of, well, pointless sites, such as a virtual lava lamp.
  • http://www.boredbutton.com/
    Ridiculous interactive websites that you can’t help playing with.
  • http://www.ocearch.org/#SharkTracker
    This one actually has some redeeming value… track sharks in real time.
  • http://zoomquilt.org/
    All you have to do is watch as the illustration zooms and zooms and zooms, opening new scenes indefinitely.
  • http://fallingfalling.com/
    This might make a nice screensaver, or an evening of entertainment in Colorado, Alaska and/or Oregon, if you know what I mean.

  • I did this. Twice. Don’t do it. (I know you will.)
  • http://www.baconsizzling.com/
    This is exactly what you think it is.
  • http://theinternetfireplace.com/
    This is also what you think it is.
  • http://www.vectorpark.com
    This site has several interactive games. Feed the Head is disturbing, and Levers is almost calming.
  • http://sanger.dk/
    A puppy. Licking the screen. That’s it.
  • http://make-everything-ok.com/
    When you push the button, it makes everything ok.


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