August 5

Everybody Loves Prisma

Ok. I have a really good reason for posting pictures of me in my nightie.

My Ironman husband just bought the bike of his dreams. He said he loved the bike almost as much as he loves me, so I decided to take a picture of his two favorite things.

(I’m getting to the point. Bear with me.)

I took a nerdy boudoir photo — VERY tasteful — of me and his bike in bed. Then I used a new app called Prisma to transform the photo into a work of art.

There you have it! The point of this post!

Count me among the thousands (millions?) of people around the world who have fallen in love with Prisma. (BONUS: Check out this app that’s like Prisma for video.)

The app transforms your photos into artworks using the styles of famous artists. The images are as filtered as a filter can be, and it takes an ordinary snapshot and makes it special. Right now the app is free, and it looks like they’re going to get sponsorship for special filters to make their money.

They started with iOS, but about 10 days ago we finally got an Android version.

But poor Prisma. It’s another app that seems troubled by its own success. I tried for 30 minutes this morning to create a masterpiece, and I kept getting messages that they were over capacity. That’s why I resorted to post these ridiculous photos to show you what Prisma can do. I guess I can never run for political office now that I’ve posted risque photos online.

The original:


The filters:

IMG_0203 IMG_0202 IMG_0201 IMG_0200 IMG_0199

That wasn’t so bad, was it? I love how artsy they look. And my first-ever boudoir photos had the desired effect on my husband… he laughed and laughed and laughed.

Wait. Is that what boudoir photos are supposed to do? Oh well. #NerdOn.



Source: Prisma


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  • Love your sense of humor. Think i would have to do one for my husband with a 75″ flat screen and remote.

  • I tried to use Prisma but it said there were too many people using it. Ha! I guess it is quite popular.

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