September 23

The answers to all your questions

I’m a tech nerd, but I’m the first to admit I don’t know everything about all things tech. Attendees in my sessions often ask me questions that I can’t answer, but I’m thrilled to share a resource that will help all of us.

Note to Self is a podcast series that bills itself as “The Tech Show about Being Human.” The shows are short, entertaining, well researched and very, very helpful. I highly recommend you give these favorites a listen.

Are hackers spying on you?

Yeah, but this is the one thing you can actually do to fight surveillance.

Ever think about walnuts, then the next mobile ad you see is for… walnuts?

This episode explores whether our phones are spying on us. Creepy.

Which country has the world’s fastest internet speeds?

You’ll be surprised about this answer and all kinds of interesting facts in this look about phone use around the world.

Should you put a sticky note over your webcam?

Uhhh… yeah. Scary stuff.

Are your photos a mess?

You’re not alone. These two podcasts give you the tools you need to get your photos organized. More or less.

If you have kids, you should listen to these.


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  • Heh Kathy here is a simple solution….click on the three dots upper right for google chrome drop down menu. Click “Bookmarks”. Click “show bookmarks bar.” Then click and hold on the icon next to the address of the page and drag and drop it onto the bookmarks bar. It will create a button there. You can right click on the button and left click “Edit” to make a shorter name so the button will be smaller and you can fit more buttons on the bar. When the bar is full, you will see a tiny double arrow >> and when you click on it you will see a drop down list of the rest of your book marks. Also, you can drag and drop the bookmarks to change their position on the bar or the list. Enjoy!

  • Thank you for this one, Beth, it looks really good. I’ve just spent all of 30 seconds trying to figure out how to save this page for later reading since the podcasts are going to take some time. Yet, I don’t see anything. Hmmm. Any apps you know of that work with Chrome to save for later reading?

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