Do you need the iPhone 7?

iphone-7I stayed up until midnight the day the new iPhone 7 devices and Series 2 Watch went on sale so I could snag the latest editions, just so I could report back to you guys. Now that I’ve had them for a couple of weeks, here’s my at-a-glance review.

iPhone 7 Plus Pros

  • Super, duper, uber fast. Like really fast.
  • Sleek and responsive.
  • Excellent front and back cameras… the best ever. Fast Company agrees: “The new dual-lens camera of the new iPhone 7 Plus is possibly the most significant upgrade to an iPhone camera ever.” In addition to upgraded specs, quick buttons let you zoom and focus much faster than other models, and the front camera has major improvements. The camera also works a lot better than earlier versions in low light. NOTE: the biggest improvements are in the Plus version, not the standard iPhone 7.
  • Sexy new home button and haptic feedback change the way the phone responds and reacts.
  • It’s water resistant! I surfed the web in the bathtub the other night without fear.
  • The audio and resolution are both better, but I don’t have good enough eyes and ears to notice a huge difference.

iPhone 7 Plus Cons

  • They got rid of the headphone jack. Why? Just… why? It’s really annoying to have to connect and reconnect bluetooth headphones on the go or locate the little adapter. And when you’re using the adapter, you can’t charge your device unless you buy yet another adapter. I haven’t purchased the splitter yet. I simply get annoyed every time I need it.
  • Some tech reviews claim that the battery life is much shorter if you use it to talk on the phone. But really… who talks on the phone that much anymore?

Bottom Line: Should You Get the iPhone 7 or 7 Plus?

If you have the iPhone 6S or 6S Plus, I’d wait until next year to upgrade. The 10th anniversary iPhone comes out next year. It’s supposed to be something special. The major improvements that happened from the 6 to the 6S are pretty much the same, except the major boost in photography capabilities.

If you have a 6 or lower, yeah… you should give the 7 a look. I upgraded from my 2-year-old 6 Plus, and I’m very happy.(My hubby got my hand-me-down, which was a huge improvement from his 5c). I really love the force touch screen that helps you preview links, add functionality to apps and generally manipulate your device more quickly. And although there’s big hype about what Apple will release next year, it could be just an incremental step up from what we have now.

Another note… Apple software upgrades apply to all recent devices, so in many cases, you’re really not missing out on much by not having newer hardware since the software acts almost the same on all the devices.

Here’s a great review of the upgrade differences.

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